The Book of Unfinished Tales – The Book in Your Hand

The Book-in-Your-Hand (BHOT) is a new ebook from the folks behind The Books of Life series, and it’s one of the best books we’ve reviewed so far this year.If you haven’t checked out the BHOT series yet, you should do so right now.The Book’s a tale of a small, beautiful town that has a problem.Its […]

How to find free PC eBook Animations

Free PC eBook animations can be used to animate your own digital content, including your favorite books, movies, TV shows, and more.But before you start, you’ll need to download the free ebook.To do that, visit, select the Free PC ebook option, and click the Download.Now you can start animating the books in your favorite […]

Which Kindle ebook mockup is the best?

Free ebooks are becoming more popular, and with good reason: They’re a great way to learn new things and discover new content.But you don’t have to spend hours reading every ebook on your Kindle to have fun.We’ve rounded up the best mockups and ebook mockups you can download and print.Read on to find out which […]

How to Read Mindful Blogs, Free eBooks and More: Free Download for Beginners

Mindful bloggers, who can also be called bloggers, are a popular choice among tech entrepreneurs, as well as those who enjoy reading.Here’s a guide to how to get started with them.Here are some free books that will make you more mindful and more open to new insights.¬†Mindfulness Free ebooks and other resourcesMindfulness blogs are often […]

How to Be A Better Mindful Person: 7 Tips For Making Sense Of the Science

When it comes to becoming a better listener, the science of mindfulness has proven to be remarkably compelling.¬†As mindfulness research continues to move forward, we’re finding that the key to understanding what you’re saying and doing may be in your gut.But how do you find out what your gut says and does?Mindfulness is often touted […]