How to get tattooed and print free eBooks online: Why you should care

The free ebook world has changed dramatically since I first started buying and printing eBooks.Today, ebooks can be purchased online for about 10% of the cost of traditional printed books.And as I discovered when I started experimenting with my own artwork, free e-books can have a huge impact on your ability to read and write.For […]

Ebook Free eBook Contest: 5 of the Best Free eBooks Online, 2017

Free ebooks are now the gold standard for reading and sharing content online, but they can be a costly endeavor.To help make the process easier and less expensive, a new program is looking to take the free ebook process a step further.The, a site aimed at ebooks and other e-books, is looking for submissions […]

How to get FREE ebooks in Canada and the U.S. for kids

A new ebook is a new book!Free ebooks are great for young readers, especially those who are struggling with reading comprehension.But for those who don’t have the time or resources to read, the free eBooks Lit are a great way to find a new reading companion.The new titles in this list are for children who […]