The Book of Unfinished Tales – The Book in Your Hand

The Book-in-Your-Hand (BHOT) is a new ebook from the folks behind The Books of Life series, and it’s one of the best books we’ve reviewed so far this year.If you haven’t checked out the BHOT series yet, you should do so right now.The Book’s a tale of a small, beautiful town that has a problem.Its […]

Free nursing ebook: The faithlife Bible is the best ebook for faithlife readers

Free nursing ebook: The Faithlife Bible, written by Dr. Robert Aarp, is the only book of its kind to be available to all faithlife seekers.Dr. Aarp’s Bible contains over 20 pages of content that can be used to help you discover faithlife as a lifestyle and build the foundation of your personal journey.Dr Aarp describes […]

How to make your own ebook reader for $99

FourFourFourTwo is a digital-first marketing agency, founded in 2013 by the former editors of Forbes.Our goal is to help brands build their brand by sharing insights and insights that can help them grow their business.We’ve published over 1.4 million books in print, online and on our Kindle app.You can read more at @fourfourtwo Facebook: […]